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HIPAA Compliant and Certified

In this digital age, we all value our right to privacy. From bank accounts to medical records, much of our personal identifying information is digitally accessible. However, we all have the right to keep our information as private as possible. That’s why choosing a HIPAA compliant medical billing service is so important.

As physicians, you are in a unique position. You not only have the right to keep your personal information private, but you also have the responsibility of keeping your patients’ information private and secure.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) directly affects all healthcare providers. HIPAA requires that you operate your practice with a strong understanding of privacy and security, including documented policies and procedures. As such, it is your responsibility to ensure your practice maintains the privacy and security of your patients’ information, including:

  •  Information in patient medical records
  • Conversations physicians have about patient care and treatment
  • Patient health insurer information
  • Patient billing information

However, HIPAA also affects the companies that all healthcare providers choose to do business with. As responsible physicians, you must carefully choose the companies you do business with because those business associates must also abide by the HIPAA rules regarding electronic data transmission. If the medical billing company you choose isn’t in compliance, then your practice isn’t in compliance.


Why Choose Horizon for Your HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Service

As a third-party medical billing service, Horizon Office Technologies abides by all HIPAA compliance regulations. As all your employees must be trained in HIPAA law, as well as the policies and procedures unique to your office, Horizon also offers training and support to ensure your practice stays up to date on all changes regarding HIPAA compliance.

Some current HIPAA regulations are:

  • Providers must have safeguards to protect patient information from improper disclosure
  • Physicians, staff, and business associates must limit disclosures of patient information
  • Providers must have procedures and training programs in place to limit employee access to patient information
  • All provider business associates must also have safeguards in place to protect patient information

Horizon Office Technologies is more than just a medical billing company. At Horizon, we partner with you to find solutions keep your patients’ information secure and your practice in compliance. With Horizon, you have peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a medical billing service that values your privacy and that of your patients as much as you do.


To make HIPAA compliance a less stressful ordeal for your practice, call Horizon at (224) 238-4200 today. Our highly-trained staff is ready to help now!

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