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Urology Billing

Billing for urology is a tedious task. Oftentimes, misused or incorrect modifiers are the reason behind your denied claims and delayed payments. As a urologist, the frequent changes that lead to coding and billing errors can be a major source of frustration. However; Streamlining this work, maximizing your reimbursement, and spending more time and energy on your patients as opposed to your billing is possible. The expert team at Horizon Office Technologies can give you peace of mind and help your practice get the revenue it needs to succeed.

Horizon Office Technologies specializes in billing for urology, and can ensure that your coding is done properly and your claims are reimbursed. An in-house billing staff may be convenient, but keeping up with the constant changes is difficult. Horizon’s professional coders, specialized in urology billing, will yield your practice the maximum profit with none of the stress.


Billing for Urology

Because frequent modifier and coding changes- such as modifier -25, which may be frequently misjudged and cause denied claims -can put a serious problem in your revenue cycle, they can also influence your practice’s overall efficiency. Collection issues impede both your practice and revenue. Don’t get bogged down by denied or delayed claims that affect your practice’s profitability; you can make the maximum profit from the services you perform if you have a skilled coding and billing team on your side.


Why Practices Choose Horizon for Their Urology Billing

While our highly-trained and certified coding staff is capable of effectively billing for all medical specialties, one of the areas of practice that we specialize in is urology. Our staff is consistently up to date on coding and billing changes, regulations, and practices. Hiring Horizon for your full-service urology billing needs means that our specialized staff becomes a part of your team, working in the best interest of you and your practice.

When you hire us to join your team, we forge a partnership and follow you through the entire revenue cycle. We will do all of the following to ensure maximum profit:

Horizon Office Technologies has the expertise to ensure your practice’s coding and billing success. Spend less time dealing with denied claims and more time treating patients. Call Horizon today at (224) 238-4200, or fill out our secure information form to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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