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Preventative Medicine Billing and Coding

Properly billing for preventative medicine makes a huge difference to patients, since many insurance carriers will pay for preventative care in full. As such, this keeps patients happy and willing to come back to your office. However, due to the number of things that can be covered in a preventative visit, properly coding and documenting the visit can be  time-consuming and complex.

Increasing scrutiny on medical claims, as well as frequent changes to codes, terminology and regulations, can result in denied claims and delayed payments. Therefore, a billing staff who isn’t consistently up to date on changes may be costing you time and money. Our highly-trained, certified coders specialize in billing for preventative medicine, and will work to ensure that you get the reimbursement you deserve for the services you perform.


Billing for Preventative Medicine

When coding and billing for preventative medicine, your CPT and ICD-9 codes must match up, meaning that you can’t submit a problem-oriented CPT code with a preventative ICD-9 code. Therefore, unless you and your billing staff have intimate and up-to-date knowledge about coding and billing for preventative care, mistakes can easily happen. As such, your practice could experience an increase in denied claims, appeals, delayed claims, or unhappy patients.

Our highly-trained staff handles everything- from preventative E/M visits and problem-oriented services during E/M visits, to counseling services performed during the visit. Our expertise is your advantage.


Why Practices Choose Horizon for Their Medical Billing

Our hands-on billing staff will not only ensure that you bill properly and get the reimbursement you need for services rendered; we’ll also help to train you and your staff to document and code preventative procedures properly. Proper coding results in faster payments from insurance companies, leaving you more time to focus on your patients and their happiness.

Medical billing and coding for preventative medicine can be tricky, but with Horizon on your side, we take the stress and worry out of coding and documentation, so that you can practice medicine at your best. When you hire Horizon, we become a part of your team.


To learn more about what Horizon’s medical billing services can do for your practice, call us today at (224) 238-4200, or fill out our secure information form to schedule a consultation.

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