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Gastroenterology Billing

Gastroenterology is a rewarding field of medicine, but billing errors may be hindering your ability to practice the medicine that you want. With constant changes to coding and billing regulations, modifiers, and definitions- on top of the increasing scrutiny put on practices for their billing and coding -the undertaking is daunting at best. While an in-house billing department may be convenient, if you’re constantly dealing with denied claims, delayed claims, and problems with collections, it may just not be sufficient. Billing for GI is one of our specialties at Horizon Office Technologies, so you can help patients more and stress about billing less.


Billing for Gastroenterology

Our billing and coding staff is always up to date on changes to CPT codes, definitions, and regulations for gastroenterology. Because of our specialized knowledge, you’ll see fewer denied claims and more complete compensation for the services you provide. Don’t let yourself or your practice suffer because of coding and billing errors.


Why Practices Choose Horizon

Horizon Office Technologies is a comprehensive medical billing company, and our expert certified coders have an average of over 15 years of experience. Here, we specialize in gastroenterology billing. As such, hiring Horizon means your practice will get a team of billing and coding experts that are always on top of changes and always working in your best interest.

Denied claims, delayed claims, and improper coding can have a serious impact on your practice’s profitability. When you hire Horizon Office Technologies to be your billing and coding specialists, we become a fully-integrated part of your team. Because we believe in a high-touch philosophy, we will follow you through your entire revenue cycle. Furthermore, we will be entrenched in your practice’s operations on a daily basis. Your increasing revenue is our top priority.


What we do for you:


If your billing and coding is adversely impacting your practice’s operations, Horizon Office Technologies can help get you on track and keep your gastroenterology practice running smoothly and efficiently. Call us today at (224) 238-4200, or fill out our secure information form to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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