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Cardiology Billing

Cardiology is a constantly changing and evolving field of medicine. Because of technological advancements, new and innovative treatments, and updated protocols, cardiology billing is becoming increasingly complex. Overall, medical billing is a tedious task, but cardiology billing can be truly daunting. Billing for cardiology procedures is complex and requires specialized knowledge of the constantly expanding treatment basis to be done properly. Horizon is specially trained to bill for cardiology properly, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Because of the complexity of billing and coding for cardiology, many of your bills may be improperly coded, or even under-coded. Consequently, this often results in denied claims, taking time and energy away from the part of practicing medicine you love most: patient care.


Billing for Cardiology

If your current medical billing staff isn’t highly trained in cardiology billing and its terminology, your practice could be losing money. Don’t leave claims sitting around just because they’re denied or delayed. Our staff at Horizon Office Technologies is highly trained and up to date on how to code for new cardiology procedures.

Our experienced coders can alleviate your concerns regarding miscoded claims. As such, you will see your return sooner, and stop dealing with denied-claims appeals. With Horizon Office Technologies on your team, cardiology billing is a breeze.


Why Practices Choose Horizon Office Technologies

Our expert billing and coding team specializes in cardiology, and has the knowledge-base needed to ensure that your bills are properly coded so that you receive the reimbursement you deserve. Moreover, we are a high-touch, hands-on company, and will work with you and your staff to ensure that you have our support throughout the entire revenue cycle.


If you’re tired of dealing with denied claims and are ready to get your practice running smoothly, call Horizon Office Technologies today at (224) 238-4200, or fill our our secure information form. Our expert medical billing and coding team is ready to help your practice secure the revenue you need to succeed.

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