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Changing Your View of Data analysis & Reporting

Optimizing profitability is one of your practice’s main goals. However, without analyzing the data received from your medical billing practices, you’re likely missing out on valuable information that could help put you ahead of the curve. Medical billing data-analysis and reporting often provides valuable insight into both your practice’s efficiency and profitability. At Horizon Office Technologies, our data analysis and reporting serves to provide such insight, helping you maximize your profit.

Practices commonly cite that they just don’t have the resources or time necessary for quality data-analysis and reporting. Don’t allow lack of good data-analysis to impede your profitability. Horizon Office Technologies will generate custom reports based on your data, created specifically to help you find the right billing strategy for your practice.

Information Gained From Data analysis:

  • Cost and expenses
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Predictive analysis to avoid fraud, manage reimbursement cuts, anticipate patient behavior
  • Identify billing errors
  • Monitor actual amounts versus insurance-allowed amounts
  • Average number of patients based on provider, day, time of day, etc.
  • Productivity
  • Procedure productivity
  • Accounts-receivable by payer
  • And more!

If done properly, your data-analysis can direct your practice towards greater efficiency, fewer billing errors, better controlling of costs, and even prevent financial-loss; all by anticipating the behavior of your patients. In essence, our data-analysis and reporting highlight areas of potential profitability, so that you can excell in all areas of your practice.


Why Hire Horizon Office Technologies for Your Data Analysis & Reporting?

At Horizon Office Technologies, we are advocates for our physicians. We work in close partnership with you and your administrative team to improve your practice’s operations and overall profitability. We’ll make sure your practice maintains efficiency and productivity, so you can focus on patient care.

Our staff at Horizon Office Technologies have the resources and passion needed to help you optimize your practice’s productivity and profitability through our medical billing data analysis and reporting. We will assign you a Horizon Office Technologies analyst who is an expert in your practice’s medical specialty, and who will meet with you monthly to review progress and implement solutions to any challenges that appear in the data.

Horizon Office Technologies is more than a medical billing company. We work to become a part of your team and are truly invested in your practice. Our reports are designed to optimize the day-to-day aspects of your practice and increase your profitability.


Get started optimizing your practice’s operations and profitability-reporting by calling us today, at (224) 238-4200, or complete our secure information form.

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