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Medical Billing Consulting that truly delivers

Medical billing and coding is not a self-explanatory process. In fact, it is tedious, nuanced and frequently quite confusing. Medical billing consulting is much more than a conversation wherein we give you advice. When you hire Horizon Office Technologies as your medical billing consultants, we develop a plan of action for your practice that is designed to maximize your workflow, productivity, and revenue.

Medical billing isn’t just knowing how to code properly. It involves creating and implementing a strategy to get the most for your services.


The Horizon Office Technologies Advantage – Maximizing Reimbursement

Horizon Office Technologies is unique because we customize our medical billing consulting solutions to fit your practice’s specific needs. You will have a dedicated team that is certified in your medical specialty to assist in optimizing your medical billing processes and overall operations, in order to maximize profitability.

With all of the recent technological advancements, practicing medicine has become an ever-more interesting and rewarding career field. Evolving technology has even reached the medical billing consulting industry. However, with so many parties accessing patient information digitally, the possibility for errors has also greatly increased. Consequently, roughly one-half of the patient-data submitted through hospitals has errors, and many of these billing errors can delay your payment cycle by as much 30 days or more.

We feel these avoidable types of errors are unacceptable, because we understand how even a brief delay in payment can affect your practice’s revenue cycle, and negatively impact your long-term financial goals. Our medical billing consulting services are remarkably superior, as our teams have been certified and trained in your medical specialty. Additionally, we’ll train you and your team on how to best to prevent costly errors before they happen, to further decrease delays in reimbursement for your services.

With Horizon Office Technologies, your practice is not just a number. When it comes to your practice’ medical billing and financial well-being, we are truly invested in your success. Whether you need help with coding and billing, credentialing, or even just day-to-day operations, Horizon has the tools and the personnel to ensure that you and your team have exactly the support you need.

If it seems like your practice is struggling with decreasing revenue, denied claims and delayed payments, Horizon Office Technologies will help you. Our full-service medical billing staff codes and bills for all medical specialties. We also have outstanding skills in specific medical specialties, giving your practice an unprecedented advantage when it comes to ensuring the maximum reimbursement and revenue.

Specialized Medical Billing

We bill for all medical specialties, but we are exceedingly productive for a few. Horizon Office Technologies helps reinvigorate your practice’ revenue-cycle management with top-notch medical coding, billing, and operational training. Our team of coding and billing professionals consistently keeps ahead of all changes in rules, regulations and code, to ensure your practice gets the maximum return from the services you perform.

Because medical billing is key to your practice’s long-term financial success, we work to educate you and your team in the coding and operations process, to ensure that all claims are handled promptly and efficiently. Moreover, the staff at Horizon Office Technologies audits your data and runs it through our clearinghouse to ensure that your claims will be accepted the first time, every time.


Our Billing Services:


No matter what your practice needs in terms of billing, credentialing, or documentation, Horizon Office Technologies is your advocate. Above all, we’re the support team you need to get the reimbursement rates you deserve, so that you can focus on delivering unparalleled medical care to your patients.


Take the first step toward revitalizing your practice’s medical billing profitability!

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