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We redefined Medical Billing with Accurate Auditing

Technology has certainly made the medical industry simpler and more capable, but with so many parties accessing patient information, the possibility for errors has also greatly increased. Roughly one-half of all patient-data submitted through hospitals has errors, and many of these errors can delay payment cycles by as much as 30-days, or more. Through our medical billing auditing services, Horizon Office Technologies works to correct these errors for your practice- helping you get paid for your services both quickly and efficiently.

One of our challenges at Horizon Office Technologies is to help you manage the ever-changing administrative side of your medical practice. We want you to get back to doing what you do best: practicing exceptional patient care. Because Horizon Office Technologies only works with physicians and healthcare professionals, our medical billing auditing services are designed specifically to help your practice succeed.


How we can help your practice operate more profitably

Horizon Office Technologies staff is comprised of teams which focus not only on coding and auditing, but are trained specifically in your medical specialty- with the resources, knowledge and passion needed to increase your practice’s productivity and revenue. Our medical billing and auditing team downloads and verifies all patient demographic data, coding and filing protocols, to ensure that your claims are correct the first time.


Working with your practice

We are more than just a medical billing auditing company. We work as your partner, striving for solutions that will drive accuracy and increase profitability- because doing things right the first time is our mission. Horizon Office Technologies trainers will educate you and your staff on proper coding and operations processes, and alert you to any impending changes. Moreover, when running items through our clearinghouse before filing them, we’ll audit your practice’s data; to ensure that claims are accepted the first time.

Our auditing services correct many issues involved with downloaded patient-data, including:

  • Review of patient-data
  • Two levels of clearinghouse scrubbing to correct errors
  • Lower rejection-rates
  • Limited denials-processing
  • Faster payment-processing


Start increasing your practice’s efficiency and productivity! Call us today at (224) 238-4200, or complete our secure information form. Our highly-trained staff is ready to help you now!

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