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Cleaning Up Your Demographic Data

No matter what business you’re in, errors can be costly and frustrating. Technology has certainly made medical coding and billing easier. However, with so many parties accessing patient information digitally, the probability of errors has also increased. Through our Demographic Data Verification services, the staff at Horizon Office Technologies works to correct these errors for your practice and help you get paid for your services faster. If it seems like your practice experiences delays in your insurance claims payments, it’s time to enlist the aid of our Demographic Data Verification services. Horizon Office Technologies works to optimize your data verification and handle front-end and back-end patient processing.


Why Choose Horizon for Medical Billing Data Verification

Roughly half of the patient billing data submitted through hospitals has errors, and many of these errors can delay your payment by thirty days or more. For identity verification, we partner with Experian Health to ensure that your patients are who they say they are. Demographic data is personal information about your patients that is included with insurance billing information. Demographic data includes a patient’s:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Insurance carrier

If information downloaded from medical organizations, such as hospitals or labs, contains any errors, an insurance company can deny the claim, costing you and your staff significant time and money to resolve the issue. At Horizon Office Technologies, we process your data through our clearing-house and act as an auditing service of your patients’ demographic data, so your staff is free to handle other important administrative tasks.

At Horizon Office Technologies, to ensure that no records are lost and that all patient payment records are verified, our data verification services redundantly back up all of your information. Demographic Data Verification is just one of the data verification services that we offer you at Horizon. On the front-end, we gather and verify the data about your patients’ demographics from an insurance carrier perspective and on the back-end of patient processing before billing.

For practice management software (PMS) and electronic medical record (EMR) software, we’ve got you covered for front, mid, and back office management. We work with the following software:

  • Hospitals: EPIC, Medatech, Cerner
  • Pathology: PayerPath
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Clinics: eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Greenway


To reduce stress and use your staff’s valuable time on more important tasks, choose our Demographic Data Verification services. Call us today at (224) 238-4200 or complete our secure information form. Our highly-trained staff is ready to help you now!      

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