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We redefine Contract Reimbursement Analysis

After you’ve gone through the tedious process of credentialing, you must now negotiate and monitor your insurance reimbursement contracts. As a physician, these contracts are essential to your success, forming the foundation of your reimbursement revenue. Making sure you get the full value of the reimbursement you are owed is crucial, so our contract reimbursement analysis includes negotiations of payer contracts, enforcement of said contracts, and insurance-payment verification.

Negotiating your payer-contract with insurance companies is a multifaceted and highly-nuanced, strategic business endeavor, and impacts all of your operations. Our experience in negotiating and managing insurance reimbursement contracts will ensure that you get the best contract for your practice, and that the insurance companies hold up their end of the contract.

When it comes to choosing your contract reimbursement analysis partner, there is no shortage of consultants for you to choose from. However, without experienced professionals to assist you with these matters, your practice may fall short of it’s maximum potential. You deserve the highest rate of return from your insurance contracts, and we help you get just that.

Why do practices choose Horizon Office Technologies for their Contract Reimbursement Analysis?

With Horizon Office Technologies, we are more than just your contract reimbursement consultants. When you hire Horizon, you get a dedicated new team-member. As your physician-advocates, we’re always there when you need us. Our goal is to help you optimize the contract management and negotiation process, in order to maximize your practice’s profitability and earn the rates you deserve.

Many times, we find that physicians are not sure what return-rates they should expect and are thus settling for a less-than-optimal rate. Or, the insurance companies simply aren’t sufficiently diligent about naming their role in the contract. Because of this, we analyze your practice’s existing processes to determine what might be limiting your rate of return, and then employ approptriately aggressive tactics to ensure that your contracts are continuously monitored and enforced.

Don’t miss out on revenue because the insurance company is unresponsive, or not holding true to their end of the contract. At Horizon Office Technologies, we’re tough on insurance companies to make sure that they deliver what they promised your practice.

Our analysis services include:

  • Enforcement of existing contracts
  • Contract-management monitoring
  • Fair and equitable contract negotiation
  • Communication with insurance companies
  • Analyze reimbursement rates of current contracts
  • Negotiation with payers for maximum rates


Insurance Payment Verification

At Horizon Office Technologies, to ensure that insurance payments are made and rejected claims assessed, we use Digital Payment Portal and Payment-Verification Process. We offer verification on two levels: clearinghouse agnostic and multi-level scrubbing.

The clearinghouse agnostic feature of our services allows us to clear the payment “scrub”, in order to verify the data and identify rejected claims versus a batch of claims. We quickly and efficiently handle your insurance claims. We have relationships with the following companies:

With the increase in claim rejection due to error, resubmitting claims quickly is essential. Our multi-level claim-scrubbing services allow us to resubmit your claims quickly, to ensure that no part of the payment and collection process is needlessly delayed. In short, we work hard to make sure you’re paid as quickly as possible.


For the peace of mind that your practice is earning the rate-of-return you deserve, call Horizon Office Technologies today, at (224) 238-4200. Our highly-trained staff is ready to help make the process of contract reimbursement analysis that much easier- both for you and your team!

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