Master Billing

A Relationship of Trust

With more than a decade of experience and unprecedented physician retention, Horizon is committed to excellence in service performance and practice collection maximization.

Patient compliance with physician financial policies is as important as compliance with treatment programs. Good financial compliance also keeps patients happy and returning as scheduled.

Reliability & Consistency

With over 25 staff devoted to physician collection success, billing staff attrition is no longer an issue for your practice.

With staff retention at better than 90% over the last decade, Horizon offers devoted personnel who enjoy working for you and who have proven their skills.

Partners in Profit

Our financial model and percentage of collections method guarantee a partnership of mutual benefit. If you don’t get paid we don’t get paid. It is the perfect incentive model.

Unique to Horizon is our philosophy of sharing profits with physician clients. Ask us about this program.

Comprehensive Billing

What does Horizon do in Billing?

  • Reviews All Your Codes
  • All Data Entry Services
  • Full Communication Tracking
  • Daily Claim Submission
  • Custom Statements with Custom Delivery
  • Full Pre-Collection Services
  • Managed Care Plan Coordination
  • Coding & Documentation Review
  • HIPAA & OIG Compliance
  • Payment in less than 10 days with Major Insurance Plans
  • Monthly Performance Reporting

Contact Us:

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