Credentialing Complete

Pain Relief

Credentialing is a painful chore. It saps staff time, ties up telephone lines, requires detailed follow-up, and changes with the whims of the insurance industry like wind in a blizzard. Cheer up ….Horizon can calm the winds and light a fire under the insurance carriers.

Horizon Office Technologies now offers you a solution…outsourcing the task to us. With expert credentialing staff who knows the insurance carriers, their barriers, and their expediters, you can trust that the task will get done efficiently and completely.

Horizon offers you three different ways to take advantage of our credentialing service to meet your budget and expectations.

Click on the Sunrise, Daylight and Eclipse pictures to view Special Services Credentialing Preparation and Maintenance.

Credentialing – “Sunrise” BASIC

This basic level of credentialing support is for the solo physician with a single hospital affiliation.

  • Complete all applications
  • Verify Plan Approval
  • Change Office/Payment Address
  • Deliver Contracts

Credentialing – “Daylight” Complete

Designed to handle the bulk of an existing solo physicians needs, and working with your practice manager, this service includes

  • Hospitals with Pending Privileges
  • PHO/IPA Application & Coordination
  • Direct Contracts with Multiple Plans
  • Single Office Location
  • Change from Solo to Group Practice
  • Ancillary Service Agreements

Credentialing – “Eclipse” Comprehensive

This is a full service that includes all of the services noted in the other two categories, PLUS…

  • Unlimited Practitioner Credentialing
  • Multiple Hospitals w/ Pending Privileges
  • Multiple IPA/PHO Arrangements
  • Multiple Office Locations
  • Multiple New Practitioners
  • Tax ID Changes on Established Contracts
  • Variable Practitioner Contract Selection

Finally, for a small annual fee per clinician, our expert staff will maintain the credentials for you and remind you of updates and deadlines as well as insure that you stay contracted and licenses are current.

Ask us about this valuable service…

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