In The Beginning...

With the advent of medical practices came the need to find effective ways to bill and collect for services, store and retrieve clinical information, analyze and monitor patient treatments and outcomes, and maintain currency in your specialty.

From simple ledger-based billing systems and small format patient clinical record cards to today’s electronic billing, complex insurance matrices, and vast clinical expert databases, medicine has evolved…..but under an increasingly tight financial constraint.


Our Mission...

The administrative side of medicine has grown exponentially complex and expensive. As physician advocates our challenge is to find a way to deliver your services with the best technologies and knowledge database at the least cost. We believe that it is a sharing of resources that helps manage these costs.

It is this philosophy that spawned the evolution of Horizon Office Technologies.


Your Solution...

Rather than wrestle with increasing computer system costs and surprising software upgrade expenses, changing technologies that alter established procedures and devastate office morale, complex IT solutions that require unproductive staff and physician time just to cope with daily operations; why not outsource the solution and stabilize your practice?

HORIZON has created a solution that is scalable.


Creating a Partnership...

We are your operations partner. Staffed with dedicated and knowledgeable personnel, we can fill your temporary back-office billing needs or fashion a long term fully integrated electronic medical records and practice management solution with progressive technologies, training, and operations expertise available today that will support you into the future.

HORIZON has created solutions that are scalable. This includes our unique pricing structure.

Whether striking out from Residency and in need of billing help or in a mature practice needing the latest integrated EMR, our operations and IT staff help you manage secure and complex networks and multi-departmental system needs in an Application Service Provider model. HORIZON is there; priced right, and sized right … to fit right.




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